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How to do employee monitoring using FreePhoneSpy

Why is it necessary to monitor the employees in the workplace? This question might have fit your head and in search of the answer, you must have landed here! Most of the business managers as well as owners are using the software which enables them to monitor their employees and the reasons why they do it are as follows-

  • They want to know the performance of the employee
  • They want to see if employees are illegally sharing or using the company’s data for their own benefit.
  • They want to see how loyal their employees are.

So if you understand it knows why most of the businesses are making use of the monitoring software then you can also make use of it and start monitoring your employees effectively. Now talking about the monitoring software which is considered best in the market then it is the FreePhoneSpy. This software is gaining popularity as it has various features and works smoothly on the android as well as IOS devices.

How to do employee monitoring using FreePhoneSpy
How to do employee monitoring using FreePhoneSpy

Features of FreePhoneSpy

  • Location tracking– suppose you are head of the pizza delivery services and you have sent the pizza boy to deliver the pizza to the customer and you wish to track the location so that you can know if they reach on time or not then you can make use of this feature. Using this feature you will come to know which route is followed by the delivery man and at which all placed he stopped and when he reached the destination.
  • Call recording– you have the doubt that certain employee is helping out your enemy or competitor and you wish to collect evidence against them then, in that case, using this feature will be much more beneficial. You can track the phone of your employee then record calls, as they share details of the company’s project with the enemy. Save the recording and present it as proof to expose them. Take necessary action and exclude them from the office.
  • Chats monitoring– employers who wish to know what is going on their workplace makes use of this feature. They can record WhatsApp chat, social media chats, and SMS chats in order to know whether an employee is chatting with outsiders and sharing the company’s data. Also, you can come to know how much time employee works and how much time they waste chatting.
  • Browser history monitoring– To know what your employee is doing on their PCs or mobiles and what content they are searching on the browser, an employer can make use of this feature. This feature lets you see the URLs as well as websites which are visited by the target person and the time at which they visit a particular site. They employers can block those sites which they think are not to be visited by the target employees.
  • Photos/videos spy– To know if your employees are taking a selfie in the office and recording video of projects and sending video to their competitors the employers can spy on the photos/ videos of the target employees. In this way, they can know who is not a good employee or unproductive employee in the office.


So, these are some of the features offered by the FreePhoneSpy app. There are many more features given but to use them, first of all, it is necessary that you download this application in your android or the iPhone. The user must make use of the FreePhoneSpy in the following manner.

Go to the site as mentioned and registers you. You will be making an account by entering the simple details like the name and email address and then make a password. This account made by you will take you to the control panel when you log in using it on the FreePhoneSpy. The user once entered control panel is needed to fill the details of the employees’ device and then click on “monitoring” option to continue.

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Within a second or minute, all the activity of the target employee’s device is available for you to see from your control panel. You can record each and every minute activity performed on the device by the target person. This lets you remain updated about what’s going on in the employees, they are really working or not.

If you find them not working and wasting time in playing games on phone, chatting to someone or doing other things then you can stop them and you can impose penalties so that they do not do this mistake again.